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About PetezPop


Never thought the exotic snacks business is where Pete would be. 

Pete was introduced a rare soda from Thailand by one of his friends, not only did it taste great, Pete knew there would be a big interest to people and how this can become a business. Pete was motivated to build this real business that can generate real income, and ultimately make his daughter proud.

The vision was to build multiple rare snacks & soda stores and an online presence. Pete already had a connect to athletes and influencers who helped him get to where he is today. Leveraging that community and the brand, business started moving.

PetezPop opened it's first store in Pawtucket Rhode Island, soon after seeing the growth, he engaged with friends who believed in his goals and built a lifelong team. His second store opened shortly after in Peabody Massachusetts followed by the store in Palm Beach Florida. Now PetezPop is shipping exotic snacks all over the world. Who would of thought? Pete took the leap and is now the most passionate about the exotic and rare snacks industry. There’s nothing more satisfying then seeing people enjoy our exotic snacks and sodas.

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